Palere rosè

  • 07 Mar, 2015


Our rosé wine is produced with Barbera (60%), Freisa (20%) and Bonarda (20%) grapes. It’s a slightly sparkling wine with cherry and raspberry scents. It’s very fresh on the palate and has a strong alcohol structure. It's the summer cuisine wine and it’s a perfect wine for those who do not want to renounce to color eating fish dishes.

A rosé wine because we love the middle path, sometimes.

Wine variety: Dry rosè wine

Grape variety: Barbera, Freisa, Bonarda

Alcohol: 12,5 - 13°


Technical notes (PDF download)

Ground: Morainic origins. Made of glacial sand with subordinated clay horizons containing nutrients, together with the presence of cobble-stones responsible for regulating soil temperatures throughout the year.

In the vineyards:

Dry and green pruning, ligature and grape harvest are done manually.

Grapevine: Barbera, Bonarda, Freisa  grown in rows

Processing: Grapes are destemmed and the must is left in contact with the grape skins only for a few hours. After racking we proceed with the must fermentation only using selected yeasts. The wine is bottled in spring and refinement in bottle lasts for two months

Colour:: Rosè with violet hues

Fragrance: Fresh fuit perfumes

Palate: Fresh, with cherry and raspberry light aromas.

How to serve: in middle size flute glasses, uncorking at the moment, 10-12 degree Celsius (52° F).

Best food matches and cuisine: Aperitif, cold dishes, fish, white meat, also barbeque and cheeses.

Storage : in a cool environment with constant temperatures not higher than 18-20 °C (66° F)..