Our History

If we’d choose a title for our farm’s nice history, it would be: The story of a dream come true Our dream was to produce wine, to do it well, with simplicity, a “good, clean and fair” wine and to do so in our land: Canavese, a D.O.C.G. area in Piedmont, dedicated to the production of native grape Erbaluce di Caluso. That dream has been realized. We are doing it…

Who we are

This is where our story and dream begins, in 2000. Our philosophy: attention and respect for the land, seeking to interpret, through the purity of single varietal wines, our beautiful "terroir" at its best, while expressing all our character and style. Constant, passionate and loving is our attention to our vineyards, a critical attention so to ensure that the grapes coming to our winery can offer an excellent starting point.

The Santa Clelia Winery is located in Regione Rossana di Mazzè, on the border of the towns of Mazzè and Caluso, in the northern province of Turin - Piedmont, in the heart of the Canavese hills planted with vines and throughout the entire production of Erbaluce, our winery, ranks among the most significant. Santa Clelia has mainly planted ERBALUCE grapevine on over 12 hectares.

From the grapes in purity, we produce the famous D.O.C.G. Erbaluce di Caluso in three versions: classic dry white "YPA"; a fruit of our research, the unfiltered dry white "ESSENTHIA"; the Classic Method sparkling wine RIGORE (36 and 48 months aging on the lees) and what we call the Gold of Canavese, the precious Caluso Passito "DUS", the selected grapes naturally dry for 6 months in our “passitaia”, are softly pressed and then aged at least 5 years in fine oak barrels.

We also work vineyards with red grapes (Barbera, Bonarda, Freisa) producing red wines named Canavese D.O.C., whose labels are: "PALERE" and "ROX" two years aging in wood. Finally, we vinify the precious mountain Nebbiolo wine CAREMA D.O.C. in a small and exclusive production intended for a lengthy aging.

Erbaluce cultivation in our Canavese region dates back to before its conquest by the Romans, who settled and imported their rational method of vine growing, an approach that continues to this day: ramifications at least one meter from the ground and development of the shoots on a supporting bower structure called "Alteno canavesano".

Vines have been characterizing this open-air museum for centuries, where wines have a long history and whose legacy lives on in the grapes grown today. In our “terroir”, experience and traditions combine with the innovations of winemakers that are eager to achieve higher quality. Among these there we are!

We are involved in the recovery and enhancement of traditional native cultivation through technological and scientific innovation, well comforted by an inexhaustible passion. In Santa Clelia we say our heads held high: "We are proud of our wines!" We look forward to meet you in Canavese.

Gabriella and Sergio Dezzutto